Mummy Loves

The link between our sense of smell and pleasure is truly a human experience and it can transport us to a wonderful place. Within seconds, the aroma from this lovely range of candles and scents reaches the part of our brain responsible for processing both pleasure and memory.

Mummy Loves Organics range of therapeutic body candles are hand poured using the very best organic shea butters and soy wax along with the purest pregnancy safe essential oils. Containing no nasties, the  candles are non toxic and burn clean due to the 100% cotton wicks.

The candles melt into a magical massage oil which burns at 2° above body temperature, making it just perfect to apply to the skin for the ultimate luxurious hydrating experience that soothes body and mind. The body candles help with stress, anxiety, insomnia and balancing hormones as well as the incredible healing power they have for eczema, stretch marks and scar tissue.

Hand poured in Harrogate | Quintessentially British.