Giggles Computer Funtime

This award-winning software for babies includes 14 charming keyboard tapping activities, and over 50 great songs, all in a baby-friendly software that’s been carefully crafted through real-life research. For babies 6-to-24 months of age – Babies just love it!

Here's how it works: Babies press or tap any key and delightful things happen on-screen! Locks out the system, protecting your valuable files, so baby can press any key.

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Product Highlights

  • 14 charming keyboard tapping activities
  • More than 50 songs in 5 baby-fun musical styles
  • Simple, adorable, tons of fun
  • Bonus 2nd CD w/FREE screensaver version
  • No computer experience needed
  • Easy to install
  • Mac & PC compatible (Both versions full widescreen compatible)

Fun & Bonding
Babies love touching the computer keyboard - NOW YOU CAN LET THEM! Press one key, or press them all. Any curious key press entertains your baby with delightful animations, letters & numbers, and cute loveable animal characters. In "The Magic Hat" activity, key taps make letters and numbers fly out of a magic hat. In "A is For Apple", little ones press the keys and objects appear on-screen associated with whatever key they press. Press "A" and an apple appears on-screen next to the letter "A". There are 14 different activities that all function the same way, tap on the keys, get a response on-screen.

Learning & Education
Babies are comfortably introduced to the computer and learn cause-and-effect relationships. We encourage you to further tailor your baby’s learning experience by discussing the letters & numbers, and scenes as they appear on-screen. Make up stories and have fun! Babies learn best when they’re having fun! Our unique mousing system also lets them explore moving the mouse as they progress. Engage and enrich your baby through fun-filled learning - at your own pace.

Awards Giggles Baby has received include:
Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award
iParenting Media Product of Excellence Award
iParenting Media Hot Product Award
Creative Child Magazine’s Seal Of Excellence Award
Parent’s Choice Foundation Approved Product Award
Dr Toy Smart Play Smart Toy Award
Mr Dad Seal Of Approval Award